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With more than 200 lobbyists on their payrolls, Wisconsin’s property tax spenders – counties, municipalities, school districts and their employees – are ever-present in the Capitol, paid with your tax dollars to lobby for more - more spending and more of your hard-earned property tax dollars.

WPT was organized to mobilize and represent the state’s property taxpayers; to stand up to the property tax spenders; to demand an end to runaway, hyper-inflationary property tax spending; and, to give local property taxpayers the right to control their own tax destiny.

You can help by joining your friends and neighbors in supporting our statewide action network; thousands of commercial, agricultural and residential property taxpayers who are tired of letting the tax spenders decide how much more to tax and spend without the taxpayers’ permission.

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Excellent Member Service
    When members call, WPT responds with help and information that often saves them $$$.  For example:  “I bought my house for $169,00 two years ago. Now they’ve assessed me for $229,000.  That would be another $2,000 in taxes. What can I do?”  WPT called and advised the taxpayer to call their assessor.  Turns out it was just an arithmetical error.  The assessment was dropped to $178,000 and the taxes went down  $1,965.
  A small business owner (27 employees) was dunned for $84,000 in unpaid property taxes.  The employer contacted WPT.  We contacted the local taxing authority.  The unpaid property tax was reduced to $32,000.
A savings of  $52,000!
    A widow who had been struggling to pay her property taxes asked us if there was any program that would help her.  
WPT advised her to contact the WHEDA second mortgage program. She received the aid and information, and is still living and residing in her home.
There are many stories of how
WPT has helped save our members thousands of dollars.  But, there are thousands more to tell you about.    The answer to all your Property Tax problems is here: Call, write or FAX Wisconsin Property Taxpayers.  We’re here to help save you $$$.     
Why Is Saving You Tax $$$ Important To Us?
  Because saving Wisconsin property taxpayers’ dollars means more jobs.  The less the government takes, the more we have to spend.  The more we have to spend, the more goods and services we purchase.  And, the more goods and services we purchase, the more jobs we create.
  WPT believes and has been working to unify and protect all property taxpayers - home, farm, manufacturing, and commercial property owners- from unfair taxation practices.
   The more
WPT helps save you, the more you have to generate purchasing power and create new jobs for Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Property Taxpayers today.  Help us protect against unfair taxation, reduce your property tax burden, and increase your ability to contribute to the growth of our state’s economy.    
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P.O. Box 1493, Madison, WI 53701
Fax: 1-608-204-2622
Email: mbirkley@wptonline.org
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