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What Members Say About Us
Since 1985 WPT has worked to reform Wisconsin’s outmoded property tax system to require fairness in taxation. We value what you have to say. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.
We would love to have your testimony as to how WPT has served you over the years, along with a photo of your business on our website. Simply email your submission to:
“Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. has been our source of information for the ever changing tax rates. It’s good to have a voice in Madison to represent land owners.”
Elm Lake Cranberry
“Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. has not only kept me informed, but saved my business thousands in tax dollars over the years. It is nice to know there is somebody on our side working for us.” Don’s Auto Body, Neenah, WI
“Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. has united all taxpayers to stand with the farm community for the preservation of use value crop land.”
Cowbelle Farms, Waterloo, WI
“What I value most about WPT is their commitment to fight against taxing business inventory. There’s a lot of pressure to find additional revenue, but with their steadfast commitment, inventory remains off the personal property tax.” – Owner Bruce Rakestraw Neillsville, WI
Russell’s of Neillsville
“With today’s trend toward bigger government, more regulations overburdening businesses and taxpayers, and government reckless spending, I’m grateful to have a watchdog organization protecting the taxpayers’ interests in Wisconsin.”
– Hortonville, WI
Wisconsin Paint & Powder Coat

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Simply fill out the form and submit.
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