Wisconsin Property Taxpayers, Inc. (WPT) is a nonpartisan statewide voice for Wisconsin’s property taxpayers.

Founded in 1985, WPT represents the interests of thousands of commercial, agricultural and residential property taxpayers throughout the state, and advocates for its members on both the local and state levels. WPT also assists members in dealing with local property tax disputes and handles member inquiries related to assessments, exemptions, state laws and administrative rules, and provides information useful in appealing and reducing their property tax liability.


The organization provides informational materials to its members through several digital and traditional publications, and offers members several benefits, including access to legal services, various types of insurance, and more.


WPT’s experienced government relations staff, field representatives and technical support staff conduct a variety of activities including legislative analysis, policy and opinion research, media relations, public information and government affairs services, to increase public and legislative support for the organization’s public policy objectives.


Since 1985, the guiding philosophy of WPT is first and foremost a commitment to its members. Our knowledgeable staff work one-on-one with members to provide the answers or services they seek, and to establish, maintain and strengthen our relationships. We value each of our members' unique contributions to WPT's success and stand ready to assist, no matter the issue, large or small. Our members' names, business and farm names, or any other identifying information are kept strictly confidential.


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