Policies that affect property tax, small business, farms, and home owners come in a wide range of legislation, varying both in topic and in cost. Throughout the legislative session, WPT registers and lobbies on many pieces of legislation that impact our agenda. All of our agenda items come directly from our members.


Repeal Remaining Personal Property Tax

By eliminating Schedule C from the Statement of Personal Property, WPT alongside the Coalition to Repeal PPT made the most progress on repealing PPT than seen in a half century, saving small businesses $150 million. Now, we will turn our attention towards repealing the remainder of the tax.

Protect Use Value on Wisconsin farmland

Wisconsin farmers continue our state's proud agriculture heritage daily through their hard work every day. WPT will oppose those who believe farmland should be taxed at market rate.

Achieve 2/3rds state funding for K-12 schools

By pushing the state to assume its 1992 commitment to fund 66% of the cost of K-12 in Wisconsin, a massive burden can be alleviated from property taxpayers statewide.


  • Encourage balanced budgeting

  • Continue spending controls

  • Fully fund state-mandated programs

  • Require user fees for tax exempt properties

  • Resolve Dark Store Loophole

  • Examine future of wheel taxes


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