NAVIGATE state bureaucracy and resources

How many maple taps qualify a parcel of land for Use Value? How do you challenge your property tax bill? Are you required to allow assessors in your home?

It's not always easy to find the information you are looking for. Let WPT help you find definitive answers to your questions, and assist you in taking the next steps. Click here to get started.

Some popular state resources

Office of Business Development: Suggest changes to state laws and administrative rules, submit rules for review, and gain access to resources and tax credits specific to small business.


Small Buisness Guarantee (WSBG) Program: If you are looking to expand or acquire a small business and looking for resources to do so, contact WPT for more information.

Wisconsin Credit Relief Outreach Program (CROP): Need a guarantee program that helps with input costs? This program through WHEDA could be for you. Contact us to find out more.

Farm Asset Reinvestment Management Program (FARM): This program can help you modernize your farm equipment, expand operations, and more.

The State of Wisconsin offers incredible resources for small businesses and farm owners throughout the state. WPT is glad to help you get more information on the programs above and more. Contact us today.

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