About the PPT

The Personal Property Tax is an outmoded and unfair source of revenue in Wisconsin. Its origins pre-date income taxes, sales taxes, and even statehood- in the days when all property was taxed, and was the sole source of revenue for the government.

Today, the Personal Property Tax remains in effect on small businesses. With some industries completely exempted, and others still required to foot the bill, this is the very definition of government picking winners and losers in our economy, and the exact opposite of uniformity.

The PPT represents about 3% of the total of property taxes. By having that sum of cash returned to Main Street small businesses, our state’s economy could realize more job creation and increased reinvestment in the private sector.

The coalition

WPT has fought since its inception to remove this perpetual barrier to growth and job creation, and are proud to take an active role each session in one of the largest statewide coalitions ever assembled. With organizations representing a multitude of industries and interests in every corner of the state, this collaborative effort is committed to providing results for Wisconsin's job creators.

Coalition Members Include: