Friend of WPT and property tax expert, Bill Ardern has penned a detailed article entitled Reviewing & Appealing Commercial Real Estate Assessments in Wisconsin. This helpful article walks readers through the often burdensome steps of the process, and is an excellent resource for those wishing to appeal.

WPT has also designed a property tax appeals fact sheet, that includes information inspired by Bill's article. After reading Reviewing & Appealing Commercial Real Estate Assessments in Wisconsin, download WPT's Guide for Appealing Property Tax Bill.


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Government Contacts

Governor Tony Evers

Contact Info

P: 608-266-1212



Wisconsin State Legislature

Find your state lawmakers

P: 1-800-362-9472

United States Congress

Find your member of Congress:

P: 202-224-3121


Wisconsin DATCP




U.S. Small Business Administration


News & Media

The Wheeler Report

The Wheeler Report is Wisconsin's news source for all things related to state government. With an easy-to-read list of the day's press releases, news articles, and more, this is a great resource to keep you informed in real time. Visit



This is another local news source for all things related to Wisconsin politics. Comprised of the day's news, press releases, and some subsriber-only content, this is another great resource for news in real time.



Wisconsin State Journal

The State Journal is the official publication of record in the State of Wisconsin. The newspaper has statewide circulation, and has a variety of news and perspectives. Visit:

Tax Information

Appealing your assessment

WPT is happy to assist you in resolving your property tax assessment questions. Often times, all it takes is one call to our team in Madison. However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive guide to the appeals process, including a list of all assessors and their contact information, click here.


Use-Value guide

From time to time, it's difficult to undersand if you have enough maple taps or honey bees for your land to be classified as agricultural, or who falls into use value. For an in-depth guide to Use-Value, click here.

Publication on the Personal Property Tax

"All goods, wares, merchandise, chattels, and effects of any nature or description having any marketable value and not included in real property" is the definition of the Personal Property Tax. Click here for more information on this tax.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CLICK HERE to visit our FAQ page, and find answers to questions regarding your assessment, appeals, and other information on property taxes.


Other Helpful Information

Implements of Husbandry (IoH)

This can be one daunting thing to figure out, but WPT has a handy guide stay on top of the ever-changing IoH rules and regulations. Contact us for your copy today, or click here.


DPI School Funding & Property Value

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has many resources on their site related to property values and school fudning, as well as student and school data. Click here to visit their site.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Balancing industry and conservation concerns is as mucky as it sounds. Visit the DNR website to learn about the latest in their agency, as well as useful guidelines for sportsmen, recreation, and more. Click here.


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