I’m Mike Marsch President of Wisconsin Property Taxpayers. I came to work for WPT on October 10, 1987.
I was hired as a member representative. When I started with the organization, we had less than 1,500 members. Today thanks to all the hard work of many member representatives WPT is Wisconsin’s largest taxpayer organization with over 18,000 business, farm and homeowner members. We are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to taxation and spending.


In November of 2011, my wife Kim and began managing the organization from Nancy Dohm, who operated the organization for about 10 months after the passing of her husband Tom Dohm who founded the organization in 1985. As you visit through the archives of this website, you will realize how instrumental WPT has been in all of the significant taxation and spending policy our great state of Wisconsin has adopted into law saving hundreds of millions of dollars over the years for Wisconsin taxpayers.


I am proud of the hard work and dedication of our past and present staff. No other organization in Wisconsin works harder to serve the interests of ALL taxpayers in pursuit of fair taxation and fiscal responsibility. I also want to thank our 18,000 members who stand in the gap with us every day. Without them, we would be just another fading voice in the wind. Instead we are a chorus of voices standing united for fairness and reform, which is heard loud and clear.



Government & Member Relations Director

John Jacobson joined the WPT team as Government & Member Relations Director in 2015. He has worked in both local and state government, often serving as a resource and first point of contact for taxpayers with concerns or questions for their elected officials.

In 2015, he left his position with a large broadcast corporation, where his chief responsibilities were to work with businesses to achieve their advertising and marketing goals through broadcast and digital solutions.

In addition to representing and advocating for WPT's policy positions in the State Capitol, John works with a multitude of WPT members from around the state. From small business owners and family farmers, to homeowners and individuals alike, John assists our members in navigating both local and state government regulation and processes.

John also collaborates and liaises with other statewide organizations, and serves as the primary media contact for WPT.


With a very keen interest in public policy from an early age, John often convinced relatives to attend political rallies with him as a child, and convinced his parents annually to place yard signs on their property more than a decade before he could legally cast a ballot.

John is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and attended Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school. In his free time, he volunteers at a local meal program, and as an adult literacy tutor. He attributes his love for community service and volunteerism to both his family and various instructors and teachers in his life.

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Administrative Director

My role within WPT is to support our lobbying effort through the creation of communication tools such as website development, newsletter production and public forums.  We as personnel know the great job we do for our member’s every day, but if the member doesn’t realize it, then we have not communicated adequately the seriousness of the issues or the opportunity presented to make a change in the way government works.   A lobbying organization is only as strong and powerful as the membership it attempts to engage in the process this change.

Our Membership Representatives also rely on me to perform many of the day-to-day functions of the organization, assisting them in servicing our members, and of course the mundane administrative work that accounts for the payables and receivables of WPT.  The bottom-line for me: I do whatever I can to make the organization better and more functional for our members.



Business Analyst

Laurie Rauk joined the WPT team as a Business Analyst and Database Admin Specialist in December of 2015. Laurie is responsible for technical support to the WPT team and implementing organizational goals into technical solutions to provide a competitive edge for today’s market.

Prior to her role as an Business Analyst, Laurie worked for many years on various  IT projects. Her professional experience covers serving as a lead in a major database server transition project , migrating a statewide immunization registry into a new web framework, developing a web-based solution for the transit of medical tests in central Wisconsin, and supporting various communication initiatives within the health care industry. Professional interests include Information Architecture and Data Modeling.

Laurie was born and raised in southern Wisconsin. In 1990, Laurie relocated to northern Wisconsin as her family has deep roots in the Chippewa Valley area. She holds an Associate Degree in Computer Science - Systems Analyst and a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Organizational Management with a focus on strategic marketing. 

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Rob grew up in the country just outside of Bloomer. His first job was working for the neighbor farmers baling hay and doing chores. His dad farmed for many years and still helps quite a few of the neighbors out. His father’s example taught Rob how to have a good work ethic. After working all types of construction jobs through his teenage years, Rob went to college in MN where he met his wife, Heather, and graduated with a Youth Ministries major. He also has a graduate degree in Computer Networking & Management. 

During college and for years after he was a foreman for a landscaping company where he applied his work ethic and learned the value of great customer service. 

Rob now lives in Eau Claire with his wife and three daughters. 

Rob is ready to build relationships and represent his members well. 

Some of his passions are spending time with his girls, hiking, biking and generally anything outdoors. Also he has a passion for Youth Ministries and has spent more than 10 years teaching and leading teens in the church he attends. He enjoys most sports and is a committed Packer fan even though his wife and one of his daughters are hardcore Vikings fans.


Business Member Representative

Keith joined the organization in 2015. Since then he has traveled thousands of miles meeting WPT members, and prospective members. Keith's mission is to serve members and to keep them updated on WPT initiatives and member benefits -- which have been greatly expanded!  Prior to his WPT calling, Keith served in jobs as wide ranging as media, radio news, newspaper ad sales, insurance, and inside sales- for one of Wisconsin’s largest privately held firms. His belief is in the value of WPT and the connections it brings to make Wisconsin a better place to live, work and play. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from UW Oshkosh.  Keith and his wife, Wendy, have three grown children and live in Oshkosh. He grew up in Sheboygan and enjoys outdoor pursuits, especially fishing. Keith loves to root for our state’s sports teams.  According to Keith, there is no better place than Wisconsin!

Paul R-min.png


Business Member Representative

Paul has lived in Wisconsin most of his life. Working jobs through high school, UW-Whitewater, and an online M.B.A., he has seen business from many different perspectives. On the hard work side of being an employee, he has held jobs including manufacturing and landscaping. On the high risk side of business ownership, he spent a year launching a startup and over nine years an independent contractor and small business owner. He has seen the issues both sides face and the different struggles to succeed.


His mission is to help the hard working underdog get ahead. Personally, he has volunteered for organizations like St. Vincent de Paul, Pregnancy Helpline Sharing Center, Parish Council and various soup kitchens. Professionally, he has regularly worked to be a connector for business professionals different networking groups, meetups, & associations, and sees WPT as a great resource to make improvements in their business and influence how the legislature impacts their business.


Paul currently lives in Madison with his wife Abbie and their five kids. They enjoy seeing all parts of Wisconsin by attending Packer, Badger and Brewer games, visiting family in New Richmond, Medford, Coloma & Milwaukee, and going to the lake in Eagle River. They also enjoy camping trips to visit National Parks, Monuments, and other landmarks. Paul enjoys watching good television, reading, coaching/attending his kids activities, and running more than cleaning gutters or writing bios.

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Agriculture Member Representative

Shawn grew up on a family farm in the town of Easton helping his Parents, and Grandfather with chores.  Shawn’s love for farming grew as he became a 5th generation farmer.   Growing up on a farm, Shawn learned the value and the hardships that farmers face today.  This strong foundation helped mold Shawn’s love for agriculture. After Shawn left the farm, he worked in Automotive Part sales, and vending route sales.  His love for agriculture brought him to work for WPT.   

Shawn lives in Wausau with his wife Crystal and 2 daughters.  The Betts family love helping with chores on a friend’s beef farm.   No matter what the chore is, the family is always ready to help with a smile.  They also enjoy fishing, hunting, going for walks in the woods to check trail cameras and look for deer sign.   He also helps support his daughters in 4 H, and equine therapy.   



Agriculture Member Representative

I grew up in Babcock, Wisconsin in the heart of cranberry country. My family instilled in me a love for the outdoors, the value of hard work and love of country. After high school I went to work in t cranberry production, working my way up from summer help to cranberry marsh manager. In 2003 I left cranberry growing to start a small business which my wife and I operated successfully for 17 years. After selling the business in 2020, my desire to make a difference and wanting to see our rural way of life preserved led me to work for WPT.

I live in Arpin, Wisconsin with my wife and three younger children. I’m the father of six and grandfather of 3. We enjoy hunting, fishing, gardening and other outdoor activities.