Q. I’d like to know everything I can about the property tax - who has the authority to tax me, how the assessment process works, how they set the rate, divide up the money and make sure that everybody pays their fair share.

    A. You’ll find everything you want to know and more in the Department of Revenue’s Guide

    for Property Owners (PDF). For specific questions about your bill, your assessment, or the

    property tax system in general, e-mail or call us. We’ll be glad to help.


Q. I think my assessment is too high, what can I do about it?

    A. WPT has designed an easy-to-use guide for helping you appeal your property taxes.

Click here to view the guide and find out more on the process surrounding property tax appeals.


Q. How does my town, village, city, county spend my tax money?

   A. Call or e-mail us or see the most recent DOR report:

    County and Municipal Revenues and Expenditures (PDF).


Q. Where can I find and compare taxes in different districts?

    A. Call or e-mail us or see the DOR report:

    Town, Village and City Taxes (PDF).


Q. When is land classified as agricultural? How are woodlands, waste and other parcels of farmland assessed and taxed? What is the penalty for converting agricultural land to another use? When is the penalty assessed? To whom?

    A. Call or e-mail us or see the DOR publication:

    Agricultural Assessment Guide (PDF).


Q. What is the use-value of my agricultural land this year?

    A. Call or e-mail us or see:

    Use Value Guidelines for Agricultural Assessment (PDF).


Q. What can I do to reduce the taxes on my forested acres?

    A. Call or e-mail us or click here for information

about the Managed Forest Program (PDF).


Q. Does the State offer any other programs to reduce the taxes on my farmland?

    A. Yes. In an effort to preserve and maintain the quality of Wisconsin’s agricultural land, the

    State offers a refundable income tax credit to those who participate in the Farmland Preservation Program. Call or e-mail us for more information about this program.


Q. I’m retired, living on a fixed income and can’t keep up with the property taxes on my home. Is there any way I can get help in paying my taxes?

    A. Call or e-mail us or click here for information about Wisconsin's Property Tax Deferral program.